Attention: Unless requested, all decorations on the cakes are not edible.

Cake Ordering Guide

Icing Cream





Mirror Glazed


Candy Bars




Mini Cake




  • Day and Night: Chocolate and Vanilla mixed cream.


  • Mocha: High quality Coffee bean cream.


  • Cappuccino with Coffee Espresso: Cappuccino with chocolate mousse.


  • Chocolate Chip: Melted Chocolate chip with vanilla cream.


  • Marble: A Vanilla and Chocolate flavored cream and mousse.


  • Tiramisu: Lightly sweetened Mascarpone cheese custard with espresso and whipped cream.


  • Oreo: Oreo cookie with vanilla cream.


  • Nutella: Sweet hazelnut Nutella and vanilla cream.


  • Chocolate Mousse: Creamy whipped chocolate flavor.


  • Raspberry Mousse: Creamy whipped raspberry flavor.


  • Mango Mousse: Creamy whipped mango flavor.


  • Fresh Strawberry: Fresh Strawberry cream with vanilla cream.


  • 3 Berries: Seasonal selection, but most commonly used are fresh strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry with Vanilla cream.


  • Passion Fruit with Pineapple: Passion Fruit mousse with sliced pineapple.  


  • Meringue w/ Walnuts: Meringue wafer mixed with walnuts and a condensed milk filling.


  • Meringue w/ Cranberry: Meringue wafer mixed with cranberry cream.


  • Walnut: Crushed Walnut paste with a condensed milk filling.


  • Coconut with Hazelnut (Raffaello): Coconut shavings with hazelnut and vanilla cream.


  • Caramel Cream: Light and sweet Caramel cream.





  • Vanilla Biscuit: Moist Vanilla sponge.


  • Chocolate Biscuit: Chocolate Sponge.


  • Day and Night: Vanilla sponge stacked with Chocolate sponge.


  • Marble: Chocolate and Vanilla mixed sponge.


  • Red Velvet: Velvet red sponge.


  • Rainbow: Rainbow themed sponge.