Attention: Unless requested, all decorations on the cakes are not edible.

Arts Bakery Glendale Regular Nazook (Gata) (PER POUND)

Regular Nazook (Gata) (PER POUND)

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Nazook is a traditional Armenian pastry that is made with flaky, laminated dough and a sweet, buttery filling. The dough is rolled out into thin layers and then spread with a mixture of flour, sugar, and softened butter. The dough is then rolled up into a spiral and sliced into individual pieces, which are then baked until golden brown. The resulting pastry is sweet, crunchy, and filled with layers of rich, buttery flavor. Nazook is a beloved treat in Armenia and is often served with tea or coffee. It is a true testament to the country's rich culinary heritage and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Price is for 1lb.